Veliko Turnovo
Bulgaria, North-Central region of Bulgaria, Veliko Turnovo region

About Veliko Turnovo

Veliko Turnovo is located 210 metres above sea level, along the historical hills of Sveta Gora, Tsarevets and Trapezitsa. The town is majestically perched on the two banks of the Yantra River, cutting a peculiar and unique gorge through the Turnovo Hills. It is situated 240 km north-east of Sofia, 42 km north-east of Tryavna and 106 km south-west of Rousse.

Basic information

The location, the good climate, the natural resources, historical heritage and preserved architecture, and the preservation and development of the traditional arts and crafts give Veliko Turnovo even better prospects for future development. Veliko Turnovo is an important landmark for Bulgaria, and the statistics show that the city and its region are in the top ten of the most visited tourist destinations in Eastern Europe.


Whether you come here for the first time or this is just another trip to your favorite city, theres always something new for you to discover. If you re interested in the old history of Veliko Turnovo or the places connected with the glory of the Bulgarian kingdom during the Middle Ages, you must visit the emblem of the city – the fortress hill “Tsarevets”, located at the eastern end of the city and protected on three sides by the Yantra river. Opposite “Tsarevets” to the North-West lies “Trapezitsa” hill with its excavated 17 church foundations. Between the two hills lies the beautiful “Asenova Mahala” (Asens Quarter) with the churches of “St. Dimitar”, “Holy Apostles Peter and Paul”, “St. George”, and “The Assumption of the Holy Virgin", as well as the Bishops bridge. Dont miss the chance to stop at the Cathedral church “The Birth of the Holy Virgin” – the biggest active church in the city, as well as the museum of The Bulgarian Revival and the Constituent Assembly, located at the old “Konak” (Turkish municipal building), built by master Nikola Fichev. This is also the building where the Turnovo Constitution was made in 1879. The archeological museum is also located next door. A stroll down “Gurko” street will bring a touch of romance from the Revival period, with the unique architecture, the beauty of the “Sarafkina house”, the church of “St. Constantine and Elena”, as well as the gorgeous view of the YantraRiver and the Asens Monument. Another part of the old town from the same period is “Varosha”. There you’ll find the “Samovodska Charshia” with its traditional crafts work shops, souvenir shops and art galleries. Also you will find the “St. Nicolas” and “St.St. Cyril and Methodius” Churches, and from the highest points of the quarter you can witness a breathtaking view towards the whole city. Walking along the main street you can’t miss the “House with the Monkey” and “Mother Bulgaria” monument. If you go down the “Stamboliiski” street and cross the Stambolov’s Bridge, you’ll end up in front of the Asens Monument and the City Art Gallery at the foot of “Sveta Gora” Hill, which is connected with the cultural and spiritual greatness of the Bulgarian country during the middle ages. Today the VelikoTurnovoUniversity is located there.

Expert assessments

Veliko Tarnovo region is famous for its high quality wines. The best wines in the region are produced in Lyaskovets, Suhindol and Svishtov. Numerous local restaurants and mehanas offer wide range of delicious traditional local and Bulgarian cuisine. Another remarkable attraction in the town is the never ending night life. The second largest university in Bulgariq is situated in the city and the streets are crowded with young people. The best thing of all, are the small dimensions of the city, which allow you to walk on foot everywhere around.

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