Devin (town)
Bulgaria, South-Central region of Bulgaria, Smoljan region, Devin Municipality

About Devin (town)

Devin is a town in Smolyan Province in the far south of Bulgaria. Devin is located in the central part of the Rhodope Mountains in the valley of the Vacha River, 45 km from the city of Smolyan. Devin is also at a distance of 220 km from Sofia and 70 km from Plovdiv. The town itself is located in the vicinity of the popular ski resort of Pamporovo which is 35 km east of Devin.

Basic information

Devin is a popular tourist attraction. There is an abundance of hot springs and hence spa resorts in the area. The region was known in antiquity for the healing properties of its mineral springs. The waters have been claimed to treat and heal a variety of maladies: conditions of the skeletal, peripheral nervous, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, skin disorders and others. In addition to these, the water is drunk or inhaled in the treatment of respiratory diseases, allergies and infections. The conditions available in Devin make it a centre for recovery and stabilising health.


Devins climate is described as having mild winters, cool summers with prolonged spells of sunny days. The air is pleasantly cool and crisp and humidity is normal. The mean annual temperature is 4 to 10C, depending on altitude. The lowest winter temperature is around -10C while the maximum summer temperature is in the region of 30 to 33C. Devin is protected from cold and violent westerly and north westerly winds due to the ridges that surround the town.


The situation of Devin offers access to nearby gorges, rock formations, caves, forests, natural reserves with protected and endemic species, and most of all, clean air. Namely Trigrad gorge, the Devil's Throat cave and Yagodinska cave. The Trigrad-Yagodina region has a karst scenery and has tens of other, albeit inhospitable, caves and rock formations. The protected region "ChairitЁ¦" attracts visitors with an abundance of lakes, meadows and spruce and beech forests, one of which is called "the Drunken Forest", "Kastraklii", "Kazanite" and "Shabanitza" are natural reserves in the region around Devin with centuries-old pine and spruce forests and protected plant and animal communities.

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